Onion price touches Tk 200 per kg

Onion price touches Tk 200 per kg

Prothom Alo English Desk |  Nov 14, 2019

Onion. File PhotoThe price of onion moved up further by Tk 40-60 to Tk 180-200 per kg at the retail market in Dhaka city on Thursday, failing the government’s all mechanisms to cool down the overheated onion market, reports UNB.

Consumers alleged that unscrupulous businessmen continued to increase the onion price through syndication as the ‘government has no control over the market’.

However, the traders at Khatunganj wholesale market blamed the supply shortage as the import against the demand is inadequate as well as the failure to release the imported onion from ports due to cyclone Bulbul for the skyrocketing price of the cooking ingredient.

Visiting different markets, the UNB correspondent found that all varieties of onion — local, Myanmar, Egyptian and Indian — were selling at Tk 190-Tk 200 per kg at retail market on Thursday.

In wholesale markets, local onion was selling at Tk 160-Tk 180, Myanmar onion at Tk 140-Tk 165, Egypt onion at Tk 135-Tk 140 and Indian onion at Tk 130.

The price was Tk 115-Tk 120, Tk 105-Tk 110, Tk 90-Tk 98 and Tk 130-Tk 140 respectively three days back.


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