LDC graduation presents opportunity to brand Bangladesh: PM

Sun Nov 28, 2021 04:56 PM Last update on: Sun Nov 28, 2021 05:46 PM
Photo: PID

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today told the parliament that the country’s graduation as a developing nation has offered an opportunity to brand Bangladesh accordingly to the whole world.

The premier made the remarks while delivering her ending speech at the 15th session of 11th parliament.

In her speech, the Leader of the House mainly focused on the country’s recent graduation as a developing nation from least developed country.

Sheikh Hasina said, “This graduation from LDC has created many opportunities for Bangladesh. I think it is another milestone in the development journey of the country. It has created a scope to campaign for branding Bangladesh before the whole world.”

Describing Bangladesh as an emerging economy, she said a big market is being created in the country.

“We’ll be able to send the message to the whole world that a large market is being created in Bangladesh,” she added.

Though the final graduation is supposed to be complete in 2024, Bangladesh has taken time till 2026 to avail the facilities entitled for the LDCs — to recover from the fallouts of Covid-19 pandemic, Hasina said.

Sheikh Hasina said many alternative scopes would be created for Bangladesh as a developing country once the graduation process is finally completed.

“We’ll have to take many steps to take Bangladesh forward; we’re also taking preparations,” she added.

The Prime Minister said Bangladesh is moving forward by overcoming all obstacles and conspiracies. She urged all to remain vigilant so that no one could stop this pace of moving forward.

“Regardless of criticism, we are working and will continue to work to change the fate of the people of Bangladesh,” Hasina, also president of Awami League, said.


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