‘Hasina concerned over Modi’s remarks’

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has expressed concern over the BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s statement over Bangladeshi ‘infiltrators’, reported Indian newspaper the Economic Times (ET).

The report stated that Hasina expressed her concern in a meeting at the prime minister’s office on Monday morning, a person familiar with the matter told ET on the phone from Dhaka.

She said such statements did not contribute to bilateral ties and could spoil relations between the future Indian government and Bangladeshi citizens.

However, the government did not issue any official reaction to Narendra Modi’s statement. The Bangladesh High Commission in Delhi also declined to comment on the matter.

Wishing anonymity, an official concerned said Narendra Modi’s statement could strengthen the anti-India extremist groups in Bangladesh and the minorities in the country could face the ire of these groups.

Recently in a West Bengal rally, Modi said: “BJP’s position is very clear, vote bank politics has destroyed the country… those who are Bangladeshi infiltrators, will have to go back.”

He further alleged that Left, Congress and TMC are concerned with Bangladeshi infiltrators getting a job here so that they can cast their vote in their favour.

Modi also said that two types of people came to India from Bangladesh, “the refugees who have been thrown out in the name of religion and the infiltrators.”

While expressing her reaction over the remarks, Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee has asked Modi to send her first if he wants to send back  immigrants to Bangladesh.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


  1. If there has been infiltration of Bangladeshis in India, Mr. Modi is right in his concern about the numbers of illegal immigration in India. He has the right to think for India. However he will certainly not want to spoil relationships with the neighbors. His first priority will be consolidating his rule internally (that is if he is elected the next PM). Bangladesh should worry about our internal matters.


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