Govt must accept 13 points if wants to stay in office: Hefajat chief


Claiming that their ongoing movement is apolitical, Hefajat-e Islam Bangladesh ameer Shah Ahmad Shafi on Saturday said the government must accept their 13-point demand if it wants to stay in power.

In a written statement, the Islamic leader said, “Our current movement is not political. It’ll (govt) have to agree to our 13-point demand in order to continue in office.”

The Hefajat ameer demanded immediate arrest and punishment of the atheist bloggers, and quick enactment of a law ensuring punishment of those who defamed Islam and Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

On behalf of Ahmad Shafi, his son and Hefajat-e Islam publicity affairs secretary Anas Madani read out the statement at a post-long march grand rally in the capital’s Motijheel.

Terming the government ‘anti-Islamist’, Ahmad Shafi said, “A mass uproar has been created across the country. If the demands are not met, the movement will be getting from tough to tougher. The consequence of the anti-Islamic government will be horrible.”

The Hefajat chief warned the ruling Awami League of dire consequences if it tries to foil their ongoing movement.

Pointing finger at the Shahbagh Ganajagoron movement, he urged the devout Muslims to get ready to embrace martyrdom to stop the anti-Islamic movement.

Mentioning that immediate action was taken for making indecent remarks against the Prime Minister, the Hefajat ameer lamented that there is no effort visible to take action against those making offensive remarks against Allah and his Massager.

He alleged that the government is weaving plots to bring in foreigners to root out Islam in the name of combating terrorism and militancy.

Hefajat-e Islam representatives and Islamic scholars from different parts of the country also addressed the mammoth rally.

Accusing the government of giving shelter to anti-Islamic forces, he said, “They (govt) will face dire consequences if they continue to do so.”

Mentioning that devout Muslims are now facing various difficulties in all mosques across the country, the Hefajat chief demanded the government ensure a congenial atmosphere in mosques, including the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque.

The 13 points of the Islamist group:

1. Restore the phrase ‘Complete faith and trust in the Almighty Allah’ in the constitution and repeal all the laws contrary to the holy Quran and Sunnah.

2. Pass a law in parliament keeping a provision of the maximum punishment of death sentence to prevent defaming Allah, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and Islam and smear campaigns against Muslims.

3. Take measures for stringent punishment against self-declared atheists and bloggers, led the so-called Shahbagh movement, and anti-Islamists who made derogatory remarks against the Prophet.

4. Stop infiltration of all alien-culture, including shamelessness in the name of individual’s freedom of expression, ant-social activities, adultery, free mixing of male and female and candle lighting.

5. Make Islamic education mandatory from primary to higher secondary levels canceling the anti-Islamic women policy and anti-religion education policy.

6. Officially declare Qadianis (Ahmadiyyas) as non-Muslim and stop their propaganda and all conspiratorial ill-moves.

7. Stop setting up sculptures at intersections, schools, colleges and universities across the country.

8. Lift restriction on saying payers in all mosques across the country, including Baitul Mukarram National Mosque, without any hassle and remove obstacles to carrying out religious activities.

9. Stop evil efforts to spread hatred in the mind of young generation regarding Islam through the misrepresentation of religious dresses and cultures in the media.

10. Stop anti-Islam activities by NGOs across the country, including in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, and evil attempts of Christian missionaries for conversion.

11. Stop attacks, mass killing, oppression and indiscriminate shooting on Alem-Ulama, devout followers of the Prophet and towhidi janata (revolutionary people).

12. Stop threatening teachers and students of Qawmi madrasas, Islamic scholars, imams and khatibs and conspiracies against them.

13. Free immediately all the arrested Islamic scholars, madrasa students and towhidi janata and withdraw all false cases filed against them, compensate the victims and bring the assailants to justice.

Source: UNBConnect


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