EU sticks to position on Jan 5 poll

Photo: asaduzzaman pramanik/

The new head of its delegation in Dhaka, Pierre Mayaudon, said in his first press briefing on Wednesday that the EU would continue to work with Bangladesh’s election commission in this regard.

Mayaudon, a French diplomat, presented his credentials on Monday.

He refused to comment on Bangladesh’s internal politics, as the first question journalists in Dhaka asked him was about the Awami League-BNP dialogue.

“I cannot comment on your domestic political dynamics,” he replied.

Later, when asked about the EU’s current position on the Jan 5 elections, he read out the last sentence of the EU statement issued after the election.

“The EU urges all parties to refrain from violence and to engage in genuine dialogue to agree on a mutually acceptable way forward to strengthen democratic accountability and to hold transparent, inclusive and credible elections, putting the interests of the people of Bangladesh first”.

Before reading that sentence he said: “It’s a complicated and difficult question, but I have an easy answer.”

Opposition BNP had boycotted the Jan 5 elections, resulting in more than half of the seats returning uncontested winners. The 28-cuntry EU did not monitor the polling.

The envoy said he had nothing to add to that statement. “The EU will continue working with the Bangladesh Election Commission for this purpose”.

In his opening statement, Mayaudon said he would make his mandate in Dhaka a “useful and busy one”.

“…I am not here on holidays,” he said, and added he would pursue a mandate that would be guided by three main drivers: “urgency, action and delivery”.

Source: Bd news24