Come forward to fight climate change: PM

Describing climate change as a ‘ threat to the world’, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged everyone to come forward to contain its adverse effects.

“Climate change is severely threatening the natural environment and the people ,” she said while inaugurating the 7th International Conference on Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA7).

The conference started at the city’s Ruposhi Bangla Hotel on Monday.

The Prime Minister said successive generations will have to face dire consequences unless the degradation of environment by climate change can be reversed.

“Posterity will never forgive us for that,” she added.

Hasina said steps have been taken at various levels for the sustainability of environment.

“It’s difficult for a large section of the Bangladeshi population to face the double burden of poverty and he adverse impact of climate change,” she said.

“It’s not only difficult for them, but also unfair and unjust on our part to expect they can handle.”

“Why should some rich people’s lifestyles threaten the livelihoods of the poor people,” she asked.

Hasina also urged the developed nations to play their part in arresting the adverse impact of climate change.

She insisted on reducing emission of Greenhouse gases which is the root cause of environmental degradation and climate change.

Sheikh Hasina said the rich nations who emit maximum Greenhouse gases must engage themselves more responsibly to climate change mitigation and come forward to assist the vulnerable countries.

“The delay by the rich countries will only make it difficult for the underdeveloped countries ,” she cautioned.

Hasina said some 40 million people living in Bangladesh’s coastal areas are facing rise in sea level, salinity, cyclone and coastal and river erosion as a result of climate change.

She said the Awami League-led government has adopted the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan(BCCSAP), which is being implemented through the country’s very own Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund of some Tk 25 billion.

“Bangladesh so far received US$ 189.5 million from international development partners to fight the adverse impact of climate change,” Hasina added.

Source: Bd news24


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