Bernicat celebrates Pohela Boishakh

US Ambassador to Bangladesh Marcia Bernicat has greeted Bangalis on Pohela Boishakh – the first day of Bangla New Year.

On Thursday, the embassy’s official Facebook handle posted a picture showing Bernicat, clad in a red and white designer sari, posing with Deputy Chief of Mission David Meale with traditional Boishakhi food.

“A very happy Bengali New Year to all!” The post, in mixed Bangla and English, reads.

“Check out Ambassador Bernicat and Deputy Chief of Mission Meale enjoying some Bangla traditional Boishakhi food!”

The embassy asked its followers to share their experiences on Pohela Boishakh celebrations with it.

Bernicat became the US ambassador to Bangladesh in February 2015 while Meale was made the deputy chief of mission in August 2014.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


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