Bangladesh looks towards asparagus export

Claims have emerged that asparagus has potential to become an export item for Bangladesh.

Horticultural exports at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, carried out experimental production of asparagus two years ago and it is said this has met with success.

“We brought asparagus seed from Japan and planted it in the university’s research field. Now new spores have grown from the bottom of the plant. If we can develop the seed locally, then this vitamin and protein-rich vegetable can be cultivated across the country,” scientists involved in the research said.

Chief of the research team Dr A Foez M Zamal, Horticulture Department, SBAU said this is the first experiment to develop the seed of asparagus in the country.

He says the vegetable can be cultivated in almost all regions in the country and that there is export potential to the EU, the US and Japan.