Bangladesh focusing on repatriation; Bhasan Char temporary arrangement: Shahriar

The Daily Star  May 17, 2021

Details on JRP to be known after its launching, he says

UNB, Dhaka

Bhasan Char issue will be there in the 2021 Joint Response Plan (JRP) but the details will be known after its formal launching on Tuesday, State Minister for Foreign Affairs M Shahriar Alam said today.

He said the additional funding will be sought once the relocation process at Bhasan Char is completed as the government has a plan to shift 100,000 Rohingyas there from Cox’s Bazar’s camps.

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So far, around 20,000 Rohingyas have been relocated to Bhasan Char under the government arrangement, said the state minister while talking to journalists today.

The technical committee and major contributors of the JRP said positive things about Bhasan Char.

When the UN will formally take up the responsibility of Rohingyas at Bhasan Char, it can further be evaluated how much funding will be required. “The final decision will be given by the UN,” he added.

Shahriar said Bangladesh is focusing on repatriation and Bhasan Char is a temporary arrangement though many tried to make it a permanent solution.

“We could reestablish two things in this JRP – one is repatriation while another one is that we didn’t allow it (Bhasan Char) to become a permanent solution,” he said.


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