Bangladesh Capital Market Fair to be held in London


Expatriate businessmen in London will host a fair, titled ‘Bangladesh Capital Market Fair’ on June 24, in an effort to attract investors living in the UK, the home of the biggest Bengali-speaking community outside Bangladesh.

This is going to be the third such large fair in London, exclusively aimed at expatriate Bangladeshis living across the UK, offering a platform for the stock exchange members from Bangladesh to promote their companies and services and encourage people to invest in the capital market.

The organizers of the Bangladesh Capital Market Fair in the UK are Curry Life Events, which is part of the Curry Life Magazine Group.

Compared to other immigrant communities, Bangladeshis in Britain are generally regarded as high net-worth population. Their main business, running Indian restaurants, contributes some £4.3 billion annually to the British economy, organizers told the media.

“Despite ‘doom gloom situation’ in the capital market, there cannot be a better time to organize this fair,” said Syed Belal Ahmed, organizer of the Bangladesh Capital Market Fair in London and Chairman of the Curry Life Group.

This is the right time to invest in the Bangladesh stock market as the market is lucrative for long-term investments, he added.

“We believe, for some investors, this is probably the best time to make decisions on investments. The opportunities for investment are immense,” Ahmed said.

The Hotel Holiday Inn, 261-267 Commercial Road, London E1 2BT, close to Whitechapel Station in East London has been selected as the venue for the fair, which is within the walking distance of Bangla Town Brick Lane, the heart of East London’s Bangladeshi community.


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