Biman to sell off unused carriers

“Some very old aircrafts will be sold off because they are not in a condition to run flights,” Managing Director of the airlines Kevin Steel told “They will be sold after calling tenders. Some of the aircrafts listed for sale are already decommissioned.”

Sold carriers will be used as ‘scrap’ and ‘spare parts’, he added.

Currently, the airlines have two F-28 and two DC-10 aeroplanes lying inactive.

However, Steel did not specify how many of these will be sold off. “I cannot tell those details now. A circular to this effect will be put up in newspapers as well as on our website once tender process starts.”

The F-28 aircrafts, built by a Holland-based Foker, were abandoned last year for excessive fuel consumption and hight maintenance cost.

The DC-10 aircrafts, manufactured by the United States-based McDonnell Doughlas, are also out of use. It was abandoned by global carriers way back in 1989.

Source: Bd news24


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