1983: In Shahbag, they died FOR a cause

1983 14 february photo

1983. February 14. Shahbag moar, Dhaka.
Students of Dhaka University gathered for a large scale protest. Their demands were1. Postpone anti people education policy, 2. Free of jailed students and 3. Restore of democracy.

Police opened indiscriminate fire at the protesters. Five students – Zafar, Dipali Saha, Jainal, Mozammel and Ayub – were killed instantly in police firing.
Another student leader Raofun Bashunia were killed only the day before. The following year, on the same day, during a student procession marking the event, the military ruler Ershad’s police ran a truck on the peaceful procession. Two more students, Selim and Delwar were crushed to death.
1983 14 feb Poster

30 years later.
2013. February 14. Shahbag Square ( Formerly Shahbag Moar), Dhaka

Students from all over the country again gathered with their demand.

But there is a big difference this time.

Instead of shooting, crushing the students to death, this time Police, RAB and their 24/7 CC TV camera are protecting the students.

Most youngsters sitting on the pitch paved road in Shahbag do not know that they are sitting on the blood of many young men women of their age. Those young men and women died for a cause. yes they DIED for a CAUSE.


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