Winds of revolution-Bangladesh

Winds of Change: Projonmo Chottor

Faruque Azam

A wind of change is blowing in the wind my friend
Time of change is at the Shahbagh Chottor;
Sea of young generation swarmed the square
Like the rebels, who seek truth and justice
Without arms, without bullets, without blood on hand..

Where have you been Oh young ones?
Wind of another movement is blowing in the land
Where people die for mother language
Where people lay their life for Freedom
Where people rises against oppression and injustice.

How did Bangladesh tolerate for last 42 years
The traitors, the criminals against humanity
Who betrayed muktijodhha, killes helpless
Who lived on this soil with sleek costume, deciving mask

Where have you been Oh, the new generation?
Were you only in the wishes of your parents
Were you not the seed of revolution in this soil
Were you not the dreams Bangladesh dreamt at birth?

The New generation, you hoisted the flag, spoke your soul
How you have bridged last 42 years, is but amazing
You are the leaders that Bangladesh sought
Time again you have spoken how Bangalees should be.

Nature has its limits, sky and heaven falls apart;
How much injustice and crime against humanity
How much treacherous deals, twisted justice
Muffled cries of the oppressed, can it hear?

The neglected justice awakes like a python
You broke it’s slumber and sloth, time and time again.
Where have all the Pride, Pomp and Grandeur or Romans
Where have all the tyrants, invincible gone?

The fake and the deceiver, traitors and betrayers
Must come to their knees before justice
Lesson learned from the history easily forgotten,
Oh poor memoy it fades until the hour arrives.

It is indeed a change that is calling
A change of corrupt system
A change of secret and open killings by cadres
A change of arrogant who brazenly shine their weapons.

We still hear the cries of journalist couples, Sagar and Runi, Mishu and tareq
We can hear helpless scream Biswajit
We can hear the appeal of the one who vanished
We can hear the sighs of mothers whose children were killed.

Oh, New Generation hark to their cries that fills the air
Put back the scarf on the eyes of the corrupt justice
Traitors must go, so shall all the evils larking behind
Time of riddance without tilting the scale of justice.

Far from Shahbagh Chottor, across seven seas and mountains
Here we are at solidarity with you in heart and soul
How we want to embrace you, regardless of time barrier
and say, “My friend, we are but one for the love of Bangladesh”


  1. Great poem. We are all looking forward to a notun projonma. But this all looks like politics to me. Nonetheless, I am also looking for that dawn. Hope it come one day. This is not the one.


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