Quasem Ali grilled me in captivity at Dalim Hotel, Ctg: PW

A liberation war victim prosecution witness on Monday told the International Crimes Tribunal-2 that while in captivity he had witnessed Al Badrs killing several captured freedom loving people on the bank of Chaktai canal in Chittagong in 1971.


“At that time, I had been captive in an Al Badr makeshift camp and torture centre at Dost Mohammad Punjabi Building near tannery godown area, Chaktai,” recalled Sunil Kanti Bardhan, now 72, testifying as prosecution witness No-4 against detained war crimes accused Mir Quasem Ali, the 1971 head of Al Badr, Chittagong.


“…they (Al Badrs) twice made attempts on my life after lining me up near the canal. But fate saved my life as the killers were divided over killing me. One group held the opinion that more information might be extracted from me. Though my life was spared, I was tortured both mentally and physically in captivity,” he said.


The PW-4 told the tribunal that on December 13, 1971 he had been shifted blindfolded to Dalim Hotel, another torture centre and makeshift Al Badr camp under the command of Mir Quasem Ali, now a policymaker of Jamaat-e-Islami.


Sunil said: “As I was dumped in a room of Dalim Hotel, Mir Quasem Ali appearing on the spot started grilling me. Since I didn’t divulge any information, he left the place with a consequence of life threat. On December 16, 1971, local people freed me and other captives by breaking open the doors of Dalim Hotel.”


Before concluding his deposition, PW Sunil identified accused Mir Quasem Ali in the dock.


As his deposition was over, the PW-4 was cross-examined by the defence counsel, which remained inconclusive.

Source: UNBConnect


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