‘Pala age’ structure unearthed in Dinajpur

An ancient brick structure, believed to be of ‘Pala’ era, has been unearthed in Ghoraghat upazila of Dinajpur. Photo: STAR

A team of archeologists from Jahangirnagar University have found an ancient brick structure, believed to be of ‘Palal’ era, in Ghoraghat upazila of Dinajpur.

The structure was built between 8th and 9th centaury but it could not be confirmed whether it belonged to Buddhist or Hindu civilization, said Shadhin Sen, the chief of the excavation team.

The 40-member team started the excavation on March 27, reports our Dinajpur correspondent.

The site, found on a 52×32 feet Hili Khas land near Gopalpur Eidgah field at Belwa village, is currently leased off to a local for farming.

The team members have urged the deputy commissioner of Dinajpur and Ghoraghat upazila nirbahi officer (UNO) to cancel the lease.

UNO Maksuda Begum has ensured to provide all-out support for protection of the archeological site.

Two copper inscriptions recovered from the same village had earlier been identified as ‘Mohi Pala’ and ‘Bigrah Pala’ which indicate that the ancient brick structure might be of Paul regime.

Source: The Daily Star


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