No buyers but grocery prices up


Friday morning saw the capital’s kitchen markets at Fakirapool, Shahjahanpur, Gopibag and Mugdha almost empty with few buyers in sight.

But many products such as potatoes, cucumber, tomatoes and ginger are sold at prices higher than usual due to rising demand.

Whereas a week ago potatoes were being sold at Tk 20/kg, they are now being sold at between Tk 22 to Tk 25 per kg based on quality.

Within a week, the price of cucumber has increased from Tk 5 to Tk 10 as on Friday; the price of tomatoes has risen from approximately Tk 120 to Tk 150; the price of ginger increased by Tk 20 per kg.

The price of salt has also increased by Tk 1/kg due to increasing demand for its use in preserving raw materials for leather.

The price of lentils has gone up by Tk 2 to Tk 3 per kg and was now being sold between Tk 105 to Tk 110. Imported lentils are being sold between Tk 80 to Tk 90 per kg.

The price of a dozen farm eggs have gone up from Tk 30 to Tk 32, broiler chicken from Tk 120 to Tk 130 and onions from Tk 38 to Tk 40.



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