Home Minister warns hoarders

Home minister has warned strong action would be taken against hoarders to prevent any artificial shortage and price-hike of essential commodities during the month of Ramadan.

Legal actions would be taken against those businessmen who would hoard essential commodities to bid higher prices, he said on Wednesday, “Those who intend to seek gain out of this will be persecuted.”

He said that a meeting had decided to keep prices of essentials stable during the month of fasting. “Inflation will be reined.”

According to the Minister, the country’s current food reserve was adequate. “We spoke to the Commerce Ministry. Reserve is satisfactory.”

“Law and order will be maintained and prices of essentials will be kept in check by putting a stop on terrorism and extortion.”

Concerned ministries were asked to provide uninterrupted supply of power, gas and water during Ramadan, especially during Sehri and Iftar, he said.

Orders have been issued to all concerned to maintain peace during Eid like the previous year, he added.

On the businessmen’s ‘dissatisfaction’ over mobile courts’ ruling to check prices, the Minister said such courts were independent. “Mobile courts operate under certain laws.”

Source: Bd news24


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