First time cumin farming in Jhalakathi gains success

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Farmer Mati Lal Halder of Srimantakathi village of Jhalakathi sadar upazila has become successful by cultivating cumin for the first time in the district.

He collected seeds of cumin from his daughter’s house in Gopalganj and cultivated the same on a test basis on a three decimal land in his homestead along with potato.

He cultivated the spice following advice from the Department of Agriculture Extension and gathering information from different sources.

In December (Bangla month of Agrahayan) last year, he sowed the seeds with the hope of getting yield within the next 15 days.

Scientific name of cumin is Cuminam Syminam.

Besides being a widely used spice, the item has a good use in medical science.

Ninety per cent of the world’s cumin is produced in India.

And the country exports its cumin abroad.

The duration of cultivation of cumin ranges from 90 to 130 days.

Per hectare production of the crop is about one tonne.

It needs double fibre land for production of cumin.

Many farmers of the area are coming to see the cumin farming by Mati Lal every day.

Farmer Krishna Kanti Bepari said encouraged by Mati Lal Halder’s cumin cultivation, he has also decided to cultivate the profitable crop in future.

Source: UNBConnect


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