Bangladesh ‘best biz point’

Bangladesh is the ‘single most’ important geographic business location in the world, but to exploit its full potential, the country needs political stability, Ambassador of the Royal Danish Embassy to Dhaka Svend Olling has said.

“If you open the map of the world, your finger will go straight to Bangladesh because of the position of the Bay of Bengal. This is the most important strategic location in the world,” he said at a seminar in the capital on Saturday.

The Bangladesh Business Consulting (BBC) organised the seminar on ‘Business in Europe: A New Approach for Bangladesh’ at a city hotel as they inaugurated their office in Dhaka.

Olling said, “As Bangladesh is in between two future economic super powers (China and India) of the world, this is the best strategic position. Its position magnifies as this country also has duty free access to Europe.”

“When I invite someone from my country to Bangladesh, they are reluctant to come initially. But once here, they leave this country with lots of good memories and upbeat about the opportunities this country has to offer.”

“The media image of Bangladesh does not match with the real situation of Bangladesh. This is the most important position and the growing economy of the world.”

“But to take full advantage of this position and opportunities, Bangladesh must change its current political situation,” the Ambassador added.

Director General of Bangladesh Business Consulting Kazi Enayet Ullah said, “We are ready to help our country’s economy by developing the business between Bangladesh, Europe and the rest of the world.”

“We need to take our marketing and branding all over the world,” he said.

Former Bangladesh Ambassador to France Tofayel Karim Haider and Director of France-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rifat Rashid also spoke at the seminar, among others.

The Bangladesh Business Consulting is a Paris-based consulting firm which operates in the European and Bangladeshi markets.

Source: bdnews24


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