All preparations taken to tackle ‘Mahasen’

News - All preparations taken to tackle 'Mahasen'
 Disaster Management and Relief Minister Abul Hasan Mahamood Ali on Tuesday said the government has taken all-out preparations to tackle the possible fury of cyclonic storm ‘Mahasen’.

“We’ve taken all necessary preparations to face cyclone Mahasen in case it hits Bangladesh. The ministries concerned are also ready,” he told reporters at his secretariat office.

The minister said as many as 49,365 trained workers have already started their jobs in the coastal areas that are likely to be hit by Mahasen.

The structures of the primary schools in coastal areas will be used as shelter centres in case of the probable calamity by Mahasen, Abul Hasan said, adding, “If needed, the academic activities at the schools will be suspended.”

He said they will increase the number of cyclone centres for cyclone-affected people to 5,200 from the existing 3,770.

The minister mentioned that the Ministry of Health has already formed five medical teams for each district, two in each upazila and one in each union, across the country to provide health services if Mahasen strikes.

The cyclonic storm ‘Mahasen’ (with estimated centre pressure of 996 hPa) over the south Bay and adjoining west central Bay moved slightly northwards and now lies over the west central Bay and adjoining east central Bay.

Meanwhile, the local administrations of the coastal districts have also made necessary arrangements to save the lives and property from the possible storm.

In Chittagong, the district administration opened 479 shelters to shift people if the storm hits the district.

Holidays of all the officials and employees of the district and upazila administrations have been cancelled to face Mahasen.

Besides, control rooms have been opened at the district administration and Chittagong City Corporation.

Earlier, on Sunday, a 16-member special committee comprising representatives of the Bangladesh Army, Chittagong City Corporation, Fire Service and Civil Defence and Cyclone Preparedness Committee has been formed to monitor the development of the cyclone and take measures to minimise probable losses.

Deputy director of district relief and rehabilitation office Abdul Malek said all-out preparations have been taken to tackle the storm.

In Khulna, 169 cyclone shelters have been kept ready to avoid possible loss of lives from the cyclonic storm Mahasen.

The people of the coastal areas have been asked to come to the shelters if the storm intensifies. Trawlers have been kept ready to evacuate the people from their residences.

Control rooms have been opened at district and upazila levels that will monitor the development round the clock.

In Bagerhat, 201 cyclone shelters have been kept ready to shift people there as precautionary measures to face the cyclone.

Besides, 10 control rooms have been opened while medical teams and dry food stockpiled.

Source: UNB Connect


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