Yes prime minister!

Dwitiya Jawher Neethi

Of course, a song is more lethal than car accidents that kill or vandalising minority communities that instill fear

Tonmoy Mollick has been given seven years’ imprisonment for deriding Bangabandhu. The friend (in Bengali) and father (in English) of the nation is not to be ridiculed. Humour is not a part of our constitution. And we are not that Digital yet. This nation was not freed from the Pakistanis so that 25-year-olds could compose satirical songs and circulate them on social media.

We are a free nation and this we should remember every day. The Liberation War must remain the central political topic as long as men can breathe or eyes can see, so long lives this, and insecurity gives life to thee.

Our prime minister has dealt with slander against her family with an iron hand. Even the Jadavpur University professor who was arrested for making cartoons that Mamata could not understand was locked up in jail for a few nights. And Tonmoy Mollick has been given 7 years in prison. Being more wicked than Mamata might have seemed impossible. But Digital Bangladesh triumphs again.

The 7-year imprisonment sentence also shows that the government of Bangladesh does know how to implement laws and act quickly so as to prevent recurrence of an undesirable act.

This zeal is put to bad-mouthing the BNP, unless a young lad makes a song that is no Salman Rushdie production but still scary enough.  And bad-mouthing the BNP is the worst use of the government’s time ever since BNP was sighted by the little boy from The Sixth Sense who sees dead things.

Proper implementation of laws could solve many of our problems. For instance, the government has made foot-over-bridges for the safety of pedestrians. Yet, we refuse to give up the fun of running across the roads amongst zooming cars because Bangladeshis are Knight Rider-watching daredevils.

Every Durga puja, “unidentified miscreants” vandalise and desecrate some Hindu idols. Because the minorities will still vote in favour of the AL, the miscreants forever remain unidentified.

The Tonmoy Mollick treatment in such circumstances could help to make a strict statement and enhance discipline and respect for the law. But of course, a song is more lethal than car accidents that kill or vandalising minority communities that instill fear.

In alignment with the actions of her government, our prime minister has said that her “heart goes out to all those who have suffered as a result of such mindless violence” at the UN convention in New York a few days ago.

Meanwhile, the BNP has had some “teebro protibad” sessions that nobody cares about. Tarique Rahman has also issued statements from London. The enormously important political event in London was attended by his wife and cousins. In a desperate attempt to prevent BNP’s statements from being the most useless news, the media had to publish a piece by Taslima Nasrin.

Overall, the AL has been able to maintain its stance of a Digitally (or otherwise)-bow-down-to-AL  government.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


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