World Bank has it wrong on “India is the largest source of remittance income in Bangladesh”


According to the wrong information provided by the world bank, India is the largest source of REMITTANCE INCOME IN BANGLADESH. According to them, Bangladesh’s Remittance Income from India is $ 4,033 million. But as bangladesh bank, India is not one of the largest sources of REMITTANCE INCOME IN BANGLADESH. Remittance From India is only $ 5 million. And he made it 4,033 million.

Bangladeshi people know well that people from this country go to India, it is true. I don’t want to be in search of work. The country is for two major purposes.

1. Tour: – according to India’s media, one of the three visitors of India is a Bangladeshi. Spend billions of dollars to travel to India every year.

2. Treatment: many people do not believe in the medical system of the country. So he goes to India to take treatment abroad. Spending billions of dollars. A report was published a few days ago, Kolkata hospitals have been facing a large number of salt due to the port being shut down in do. The hospital is in the empty. The main source of their income is Bangladeshi patients. And in this country, they have appointed agents of millions of rupees every year in this country.

It has never been heard that bangladeshis go to India in search of work, it has not been shown. People in this country who can afford to spend $ 15-20 million to choose France, Germany, Italy. Those who are less capable go to Malaysia. Many people of this country go to the middle east in search of work. The Middle East is not only the target of Bangladeshi. Indian, Nepali, Pakistanis also go.

Please check the report below. Some information is enough to clear the fake information of the world bank.

According to that, the amount of remittance sent from Malaysia to Bangladesh is only $ 208 million per year. Means Only Rs 1700 crore in a year. Those who are involved in the Foreign Remittance Department in different banks can easily laugh at this mount. According to Bangladesh bank, the amount of money from Malaysia is $ 1107 million. The information that the world bank has given is not of the year. This amount of money comes from Malaysia to the country.

See the report of Pakistan to become a bit clear. According to the world bank, remittance has come from Pakistan to Bangladesh from 227 million dollars. Even if you see this, anyone will be surprised. I’ve been in charge of remittance in a bank for a long 4 years. But in this long time, I have never witnessed a fact that remittance has come from Pakistan. So of course you can understand that it is not trustworthy. According to Bangladesh bank, remittance came from Pakistan only $ 1.3 million. That’s what the world bank says 227 million.

The World Bank’s report is working for the interest of India with reverse information in the country. We have to be careful of the information terror. Indians may be happy to see this report from the world bank. You will be able to submit more politics about nrc.

But you should be careful. Why is the account of Bangladesh bank, it is not possible to tell the real number of people including the world bank. But every one has an account of how much money comes to the banking channel, each one has an account. So, doesn’t it have any respite to question the purpose of the world bank’s purpose by ignoring these real numbers?


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