Wedding bells & Mahiya Mahi

Renowned Dhallywood actress Mahiya Mahi has gained popularity instantaneously upon gracing the silver screen. In a rather patriarchal industry, Shakib Khan dominated industry to be precise; it must have been quite a challenge to hold the title of the “next best”, aka. The Queen of Dhallywood. With the developing success to her career in acting, it came as a shock to her fans when the news of her tying the knot spread like wildfire across the social media. Given it is her prime time to strengthen her foundations in the industry, the marriage will definitely prove challenging for her to live up to the high expectations that were in the making for her booming career up ahead.


Indeed, the lights were shining bright, the cameras were rolling, and the action was in full swing, but this was not another shoot for Mahi. On the 25th of May, the heroine tied the knot with her real-life hero, Mahmud Parvez Opu from Sylhet, on the “sets” of a restaurant in the capital. The couple had known each other long enough to give their relationship a name, but the decision came about at the peak of her career, leaving the fans quite perplexed. Nonetheless, when the bejewelled bride set foot in the venue, draped in a dazzling red saree in harmony with the hue of her lips, to the tune of Bismillah Khan’s shanai playing at the background, the flashes from the paparazzi elevated the atmosphere of the ceremony.

The “gaye holud” took place the day before, in the presence of family and close friends, informed Mahi. The blushing bride also mentioned, “The joyous feeling cannot be described in words. The occasion went well, even though I had to attend an important meeting for a new film on the very same day. You can imagine what I went through.”

Mahiya made her debut to the silver screens with the film, ‘Bhalobashar Rong’ which was a great success, followed by films like ‘Onnorokom Bhalobasha’, ‘Pora Mon’, ‘Bhalobasa Aaj Kal’, ‘Tobuo Bhalobashi’, ‘Ki Darun Dekhte’, ‘Agnee’, ‘Dobir Saheber Songsar’, ‘Honeymoon’, ‘Onek Sadher Moyna’, ‘Desha: The Leader’, ‘Romeo vs Juliet’, ‘Big Brother’, ‘Warning’, ‘Agnee 2’, ‘Krishnopokkho’ and recently released ‘Onek Daame Kena’. Mahi said, “I have always had my fans by my side. I know they will support me in the future as well. I have tremendous devotion towards cinema, but I also aspire to have a loving family of my own.” She added, “From now on, I will reside in Sylhet with my husband most of the time. I intend to work on a maximum of two films per year and focus more on my personal life.”

When asked about what were the first words he uttered to Mahi after the marriage, the groom replied, “I love you.” He was also questioned whether he had any interest to act alongside his bride, and he assured nothing as such would happen. Opu also mentioned, “I met Mahi through a friend at a wedding in Sylhet. Our relationship took off from there. The thing that I admire about her the most is the beauty of her being. She always stays true to her words and that is an admirable quality in her.”

Mahi said, “I agreed to the wedding in a heart-beat because of his utmost affection towards me. He is a total gentleman. During my bad times he was the shoulder I could lean on, and he will always remain so.” She also said, “I respect the tradition of marriage and don’t intend to hide it from the fans, or have a secret marriage which will allow certain people to speculate on. Hence I have arranged this event for the journalists and the media reporters. However, I intend to celebrate my wedding as a grand occasion in July, where I shall invite my family, friends and co-workers from the industry as well.”

Mahi was asked if she feared that her fan base would be affected as a result of her marriage, to which she replied, “I don’t know what will become of that. I am polishing my culinary skills as of now. But I am a firm believer of fate; I have always been so and I’m devoted towards my tasks. We’ll have to wait and see how the rest unfolds.”

On behalf of the Showbiz team, we wish Mahi and Opu a prosperous married life.

by Zahid Akbar & Minam Haque


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