WB on top in aid disbursement to Bangladesh


The World Bank has provided the highest amount of foreign aid to Bangladesh since independence till the last fiscal year (2012-13) with an amount of over $ 13.1 billion out of the country’s all major bilateral and multilateral development partners.


The Washington-based lending agency has provided an overall amount of $ 13,113.0 million to Bangladesh till the last fiscal year, according to the latest data of the ‘Flow of External Resources into Bangladesh 2012-13’ released by the Economic Relations Division (ERD).


Of the overall disbursed amount by the World Bank, $ 12,550.7 million are in the form of loans while $ 562.3 million in the form of grants.


The flagship ERD publication showed that the Asian Development Bank provided the 2nd highest of $ 9,130.2 million followed by Japan $ 7,449.7 million.


The United States came up with the 4th highest amount of foreign aid of $3,550.3 million followed by UN System $ 3,061.8 million, UK $ 2,298.0 million, Canada $ 2,138.6 million, Germany $ 1,788.1 million, EU $ 1,620.3 million, Netherlands $ 1,180.6 million and Unicef $ 1,038.3 million.


The other major notable development partners who have come up with assistance from 1971-72 fiscal year to 2012-13 fiscal year are Denmark $ 947.2 million, Saudi Arabia $ 904.7 million, Sweden $ 857.3 million, Norway $ 712.5 million, France $ 581.0 million, IDB $ 579.1 million, India $ 453.4 million and Australia $ 437.3 million.


According to the latest ‘Flow of External Resources into Bangladesh’, the overall foreign aid disbursement since the country’s independence till the last fiscal year totalled $ 59,311.657 million, including $ 24,661.358 million in grants while $ 34,650.229 million in loans, against the commitment of $ 81,049.174 million.


During the last 42 years from 1971-72 to 2012-13, the foreign aid commitment was much higher totalling $ 81,049.174 million, including $28,495.934 million in grants while $ 52,553.240 million as loans, the ERD publication showed.

Source: UNBConnect


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