VIP culture takes us nowhere

End routine traffic privileges which allow MPs and officials to flout the law

There is absolutely no excuse for allowing MPs and government officials to habitually flout traffic rules.

Dhaka’s dysfunctional traffic system is bad enough already.  Barring special security situations, it makes no sense to exacerbate the problem further by routinely cordoning off roads for VIPs and permitting them to drive down the wrong side of the road.

Elected officials and senior officials are public servants tasked with improving life for all citizens. If they are constantly shielded from the reality of daily congestion, routine police escorts and VIP traffic privileges make it less likely that they will take meaningful action to improve congestion.

By setting a bad example, such flouting of basic rules does nothing to discourage the culture of rule breaking behaviour that exists among many motorists. The cumulative effect is to make it far harder for police to enforce rules and regulations which are intended to improve and manage traffic congestion.

It is not acceptable for officials in charge of improving public life, to be allowed to flout the law.  The congestion caused by flag-carrying cars, bypassing basic rules is a slap in the face of every citizen stuck in city traffic.

Bringing an end to double standards in traffic management can help show intent to address and overcome the multiple problems associated with traffic congestion.

Ending routine traffic privileges for VIPs is also important to set a positive example that could help to end similar abuses and queue jumping across other aspects of life.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


  1. Relax my friend, do not lose your sleep over what is NOT RIGHT in this country !! Almost everything is !!.

    You are considered smart if you can flout the law in Bangladesh. VIP culture is here to stay.

    You are dumb in Bangladesh if you try follow the rules !! So, decide which group you prefer to join. Hah Haah !!


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