US, India for talks, credible JS election

Ahead of the announcement of the election schedule yesterday, the US stressed the need for holding a dialogue between the major parties, while India said democratic institutions and process in Bangladesh will be strengthened in the run up to the national election.
“I don’t know whether the chief election commissioner will be doing that or not [announce the election schedule]. Regardless of that, I think these developments make it even more urgent that the major parties engage in a constructive dialogue to find a way forward to hold a free, fair and credible election,” said US Ambassador to Dhaka Dan Mozena.
The election should be credible as defined by the people of Bangladesh, he added.
Indian High Commissioner Pankaj Saran said it is for the people of Bangladesh to decide on the course of their future. “We are confident in the wisdom of the people of Bangladesh.”
“As a neighbour and a well wisher of the people of Bangladesh, we hope that in the coming weeks and in the run up to the election, the democratic institutions and process will be strengthened,” he mentioned.
The envoys of the two influential countries made the comments after holding separate meetings with new Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali at the foreign ministry in the afternoon.
The US envoy said he shared with the minister the US Assistant Secretary of State Nisha Desai Biswal’s message as it was related to the political situation.
Three key points of the message are: Violence is not acceptable. Every political party has the right to have space; space to express its views freely and peacefully.
And thirdly, there should be a constructive dialogue to find a way forward to conduct a free and fair election.
Indian envoy Pankaj Saran said he briefed the foreign minister on the current state of bilateral relations and the progress made in this regard during the tenure of the present government of Bangladesh.

Source: THe Daily Star

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