Twaki case gets murky

The recovery follows the RAB’s investigations into the Twaki murder.

Three persons, including the guard of ‘Winner Fashions’, were detained during a two-hour raid on Wednesday.

Narayanganj cultural activist Rafiur Rabbi’s son Tanvir Ahmed Twaki went missing on Mar 6.

His body was recovered from the Shitalakkha River two days later. Rabbi filed a case the same night over his son’s death.

Rabbi claimed his son had been ‘tortured and killed’ at Azmeri Osman’s office. He had alleged other businessmen were brought to the ‘torture cell’ and a large sum was taken as ransom from them.

Witnesses said a 40-strong RAB team raided Osman’s office around noon.

Lt Col Jahangir Alam, who led the operation, told the raid was prompted by information garnered from the confessions of the accused and media reports. “It was part of the ongoing investigation,” he said.

”A pair of bloodied sky-blue jeans, a showcase and sofa bearing bullet marks, a broken pistol grip, three sticks, a computer CPU, an LCD TV, several CC cameras, and instruments used for taking contraband Yaba have been confiscated,” he added.

Investigating officer ASP Rabiul Haque of RAB-11 said they had collected samples on bullet marks on the office walls and showcases.

Lt Col Alam said the office security official Shukkur Ali, driver Jamsher Hossain, 32, and ‘Shipon’, 28, had been detained.

“We didn’t find Azmeri but we have come to know that he is in Narayanganj,” Alam said. “He will be brought to book based on information and proof for the sake of the investigation.”

RAB said they raided the house of another suspect, ‘Rajib’, but returned empty-handed.

Azmeri is the nephew of Awamil League leader Shamim Osman and the son of Narayanganj-5 Jatiya Party MP Nasim Osman.

Shamim said he did not know the reason behind RAB raid. Nasim Osman could not be reached for his reaction.

Rafiur Rabbi had submitted a written complaint to the Narayanganj SP on Mar 18, accusing seven people of being involved in his son’s murder.

They include former MP Shamim Osman, his son Ayon Osman and expelled Publicity and Publication Secretary of the district Juba League Zahirul Islam Parvez alias ‘Kangaroo Parvez’.

Initially, police began probing the case but later the High Court ordered its transfer to RAB.

Source: Bd news24


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