Turag banks ready for Ijtema

The Ijtema sermons will begin from Thursday.

The first phase of Ijtema will begin on Jan 24 and end with ‘Akheri Monajat’ on Jan 26. The second phase will start off on Jan 31 after a brake of four days.

The second phase will continue until Feb 2 when another Akheri Monajat, ending this year’s Biswa Ijtema.

The ground is almost ready, said authorities, with just a few last-minute preparations underway.

Like previous years, people from all walks of life, students from schools, madrasa, workers from factories are working as volunteers to prepare the ground for the arrival of Muslim devotees.

On Wednesday, some were putting up the cloth for the canopies while others sew it to the frame. The poles were being numbered and the field cleaned with brooms.

The ground has been marked with lines so that people offering Namaz can arrange themselves between them conveniently.

The final touches were keeping everyone busy.

The ground for Ijtema’s first phase was divided into 40 sections (Khitta) where 32 participants from 32 districts will settle. Devotees locate themselves through numbers on Khitta and poles.

Foreigners who come to Bangladesh for Ijtema, the second largest Muslim congregation after the Hajj, will be settled at the north-west part of the field.

Eight floating bridges have been placed by the army engineers so that devotees can cross Turag with ease.

Five-layered security

At least 10,000 members of RAB and police will ensure security of the Ijtema ground, said Gazipur SP Abdul Baten.

Law enforcers have been present from Jan 18 and will remain on duty until Feb 3.

The entire premise—from Tongi Bridge to Joydebpur Intersection, Monnogate to Kamarparha, the Turag river– has been divided into five sectors.

The security officials appointed to each sector will be headed by an officer with a rank which equals to Additional Police Superintendant.

There will be check posts and watch towers. Closed-circuit cameras will monitor every entry to the ground. Metal detectors and control rooms will also be placed.

Every ‘Khitta’ will have policemen in uniform and plainclothes, said SP Baten.

The sermon stage has been placed beside the space allotted to foreign devotees. Special train services and 300 buses will carry the influx of passengers.

Control rooms by Gazipur City Corporation and the district administration have also been set out.

Source: Bd news24


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