The plan is to minus me: Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina sees ‘dubious intentions’ behind the proposals put forward for conducting the next parliamentary elections.


“These formulas are being prescribed to cut out the Awami League and me [from politics],” a ruling party MP, who preferred anonymity, quoted her as saying during its Parliamentary Party meeting on Sunday.

Amid the standoff between the Awami League and the BNP-led opposition over the nature of the poll-time government, various groups have come up with different proposals.

Hasina, who prefers election under the amended Constitution that provides for voting under a party-led government, recently said the ‘new formulas’ would only create complexities and disrupt the democratic process.

The opposition alliance has been demanding the elections under a non-partisan body. Or else, they say, it will not be free and fair.

An MP from the northern zone, declining to be named, told the Prime Minister had criticised the activities of advisors to the previous caretaker government.

“She (Hasina) has said, those (the former advisors) who are forwarding various proposals could not even organise an election. How come they prescribe formulas now when they have failed [to organise polls],” he quoted her as saying.

“Sheikh Hasina has said these proposals were only given to compromise the democratic process,” the MP said.

Sunday’s parliamentary party meet was held mainly to nominate Speaker Abdul Hamid as the next President of the country. The presidential election is due for Apr 29.

The government annulled the caretaker government provision in 2011 through the 15th Amendment to the Constitution following a Supreme Court verdict on it.

The move has led to fears of a political conflict between the two major parties over the next general elections.

The Transparency International, Bangladesh (TIB) on Apr 12 laid bare an outline of an election-time government to overcome the current ‘political impasse’.

The Berlin-based group’s local functionaries suggested an 11-member Inter-Parliamentary Committee with representatives from both the Awami League and BNP to supervise the election.

Leading think-tank Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) also made a call to the incumbent government to release the detained top opposition leaders to avert clashes.

Speaking on talk shows, several personalities have also asked both the government and opposition to sit for talks.

The Awami League has repeatedly been saying dialogue on election is possible but ruled out ‘sending’ un-elected persons to power.

In response to the opposition demands for a non-partisan caretaker government, Hasina, also the President of Awami League, has been suggesting the BNP recall the ‘experiences’ of the last army-backed caretaker government.

After the state of emergency was imposed in 2007, both Hasina and opposition chief Khaleda Zia were then thrown behind bars, as the military-backed caretaker said they wanted to ‘cleanse’ Bangladesh’s politics.

Many saw the move as an attempt to take power away from the two women.

Some MPs of the party said during the meeting Hasina also slated some of the leaders for joining TV talks show ‘without knowing true history’.

Source: bdnews24


  1. Hon’ble PM Sk. Hasina promised that she would ‘retire’ from politics when she is 57. But like her father she has chosen to remain the top boss of the country as long as she lives. The same thing applies to the opposition leader also. They have taken it for granted that Bangladesh will never be able to move forward if they are not in power. There’s no male politician to lead the country and perhaps they are right. All our political leaders have pawned themselves to these two ladies who consider their fellow political leaders just yesmen. They have practically barred all else to grow to maturity so that they can run the country more efficiently. We are very afraid of the vacuum they will be leaving after they are gone from the stage. May Allah Almighty save us!


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