The Government Must Stop its Security Forces’ Killing Spree

Odhikar expresses serious concern over the violence and one of the most heinous killing sprees in the history of Bangladesh since independence. At least 98 persons, including political activists, women, children and ordinary citizens, were indiscriminately shot and killed by police and other law enforcement agencies on the pretext of controlling the violence
between February 05 to March 04, 2013. A vast number of people were injured and five policemen were killed by the protestors during this period as well. Odhikar is aggrieved by the killings; and concerned at the widespread acts of violence across the country. It has created a serious, country-wide security threat and the law and order situation has
deteriorated alarmingly. Human rights are being grossly violated. As this statement is being released, the news of more deaths are coming in.



  1. The killing spree, as named by ‘Odhikar’ took new dimensions after the present HM took office. His attitude from the very beginning was to crush any voice raised against the govt however inhuman and severe the means. He accused Begum Zia of being ‘hukumer asami’ for calling hartal but what will he call himself for ordering the police to ‘shoot at sight’ as a result of which about 200 people have lost their lives and more than a thousand maimed or half dead? The nation will see how far this Mr. HM can go.


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