Tarique will return soon: BNP

Senior Vice Chairman Tarique Rahman will return soon on his own to face the ongoing trials against him in Bangladesh, the BNP says.


Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s eldest son has been living in London after a court allowed him to travel abroad for medical treatment in 2008. BNP said it was contempt of court to call him a fugitive.

Now, the party says Tarique will soon return home to take up his responsibilities.

Shamsuzzaman Dudu, an advisor to the party’s chief, said in a press briefing on Tuesday, “A single statement by a minister in a meeting can cause the government to go frantic — this is evident in their conduct towards Tarique Rahman.”

“He cited a poll by a popular daily to suggest that it is best for the government to give in to the demand for caretaker government. The government and state, angered by his comment, are now attacking him mercilessly.”

“The government’s reach might be long but it isn’t long enough for people who are civil, ethical and conscious. Tarique Rahman is getting treated in London following a court order. It is contempt of court to say he is a fugitive.”

About Tarique’s return, Dudu said, “We want to make this clear, he himself announced his imminent return. Our party also feels that he will return soon and take charge of BNP and will fight the charges against him legally.”

The press briefing took place at Naya Paltan on Monday.

Source: bdnews24


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