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RMG industry in a tight spot: Export orders already fall amid global recession.

By: Refayet Ullah Mirdha The apparel industry is in a double bind: continuous high inflation has led to a wage pressure and a gloomy global economy has left the garment owners in a tight financial situation. The garment workers had a pay hike less than two years ago, but they are already finding it hard […]

By: Mohd Jahangir Alam Amid recurring violence in the country’s fast-growing export-oriented readymade garment (RMG) industry, intelligence officials say that some vested quarters, both local and foreign, have long been involved in the dirty game. The intelligence officials have identified five broad categories of vested quarters as playing a role in destabilising the country’s highest […]

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More than 300 garment factories were shut as readymade garment workers flew into a rage and clashed with police in Ashulia for third straight day on Wednesday, injuring over 100 people including 10 law enforcers. Our correspondent reports that over 3,000 law enforcers deployed in the area have finally managed to bring the situation under […]

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