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Bangla still ignored in Bangladesh

THE Bangla-speaking population in general, and the Bengalis of Bangladesh in particular, [The Bangla-speaking people, as a ‘truncated speech community’, live in different parts of the world. Of them, more than 150 million live in Bangladesh. More than 80 million live in different states of India including West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, Bihar and Manipur. Besides, […]

60th year of language movement; time to rescue our country

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      Jamal Ahmed Why does 21st February has so much significance in our lives? It is not merely a language movement and restoring Bengali as our mother tongue. Many Bengali littérateurs are offended by the use of English in the midst of our national language. Many are constantly reminding us of the anti-liberation […]

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        By: Hasan Hafizur Rahman Translated by:  Dr. Faruque Azam     will not the mother call by his name ever again? like a tornado that name will resound in the turbulent mind’s ground round and round it will rise and call; like the pearl between two lips it will not roll […]

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