Some people against Khaleda’s release: Oli

Some people against Khaleda’s release: Oli

UNB . Dhaka | Prothom Alo  May 18, 2019

Oli Ahmed. Prothom alo file photo.President of Liberal Democratic Party LDP Oli Ahmed on Friday alleged that some people do not want BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia to be freed from jail to gain their personal interests.
“Plots are on by various quarters about the BNP chairperson’s release. Some people don’t want Khaleda Zia’s release. Because, they’ll be in trouble if she walks out of jail,” he said.
Oli, a close associate of BNP founder Ziaur Rahman and former BNP minister, came up with the remarks at an Iftar party at the city’s Ladies Club hosted by his party.
He also voiced frustration over the inaction of the BNP-led 20-party alliance to free Khaleda Zia and several thousand opposition leaders and activists.

“Will we sit idle when the country is in trouble? The 20-party partners are speaking against each other though Khaleda Zia is still in jail. Not only that, we’re not thinking about thousands of leaders and activists who’re staying in jail. The entire country has turned into a jail,” Oli bemoaned.

Under the circumstances, the LDP chief said, they have started mobilising public opinion to free Khaleda Zia and restore people’s voting and other rights.
“We’ll go to every part of the country to unite people in a peaceful manner, but we won’t indulge in anti-government activities. We’ll put in our best efforts to save people, not to harm them and the development,” he added.

Oli alleged that the incidents of repression on women have marked a sharp rise in the country due to slide in law and order.
He also said farmers are passing through very tough time as they are not getting fair prices of their produce.

The former minister also warned that the country’s economy may collapse in the coming days if the current situation continues.


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