SMS calls for ‘shunning’ 2 top leaders

A dubious text message is being sent to mobile phone users from an unknown number that calls for saying ‘no’ to the chiefs of the two main political parties.


The SMS also demands constitutional amendment barring anyone from being Prime Minister for the second time.

Several recipients of the SMS said the message is showing ‘New Leader’ as the sender instead of any number.

The SMS reads: “Not the same Prime Minister again and again. No more Hasina (Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina) and Khaleda (BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia). We want new leaders.”

The message contains address of a Facebook page – facebook/2term.

It was found that until Sunday evening, 42,311 persons liked the page, which was opened on Apr 10, 2011.

There is a statement on the page that says: “What is our demand? (We demand) a provision be included in the Constitution barring anyone from being Prime Minister for two terms.”

Acknowledging to have sent the text message to mobile phones, the page says: “Sending SMS is expensive. Still we want to fulfil our target. We are ready to do everything needed for that.”

There is an appeal on the page for sending money for the ‘movement’.

It says: “We all know that huge money is needed for any movement. Our movement will be invigorated should we get financial cooperation from you.”

Source: bdnews24


  1. Minus 2 is getting public attention.The two ladies are gradually getting unbearable. Media is also getting a little embolden and fair in giving some due respect and consideration for Dr. Yunus whom the world today is holding with highest honor and dignity.


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