Shiv Sena’s unit acts against ‘Bangladesh zopadpatti’ in Bhayander

Sandhya Nair

MUMBAI: The Mira-Bhayander unit of Shiv Sena on Wednesday burnt photocopies of government documents that mention the address of three areas in Bhayander (west) as Bangladesh.

The mention of a settlement in Bhayander (west) also known as ‘Bangladesh zopadpatti’ on government documents, came to light recently.

The slum which has been carrying the name for over 35 years, is mostly occupied by people from the interiors of Maharashtra. These people hold government documents (ration cards, unique identification (UID) cards, property tax, birth and death certificates) issued with the address as ‘Bangladesh’.

A total of three pockets in Bhayander (west), including Utan and Chowk villages, are refered to as Bangladesh, though there are no records that show exactly how these names came into existence.

The Shiv Sena leaders and corporators of the Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation (MBMC) met civic officials demanding that the word ‘Bangladesh’ be deleted from all municipal documents.

The issue was highlighted when a resident of ‘Bangladesh zopadpatti’ was issued a birth certificate with the address mentioned as Bangladesh.

The corporators demanded that the issue be raised in the general body meeting of the civic house.

Last month, the mention of ‘Chhota Pakistan’ in the electricity bills of residents of Santosh Bhuvan in Nalasopara (east) had led to an uproar in the Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation (VVMC) general body meeting.

The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd (MSEDC) agreed to look into the issue and rectify the error. A show-cause notice was also issued to the junior engineer Vahid Khan, in charge of Nalasopara.

Source: The Times of India


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