Sheikh Hasina in the Hall of Fame?


Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League got well trained in the last decade in the art of bullying, bashing, muzzling free voice, thuggery, creating and abolishing movements (like the Shahbag movement), creating an opposition party that is a part of her government and the head of the opposition sits in her cabinet and votes in favor of the ruling party in the parliament etc. creating a world’s first model of autocratic ‘democracy’.

Hasina’s opposition-suppressing tools are multifarious – she has allegedly bribed the head of Hefazat into submission, supported the fake Ulemas and rich Pirs to promote her version of Bangladesh as a Muslim nation; has bribed the news reporters by giving them housing and other benefits while choking or banning the genuine opposition news media. Today, most Bangladeshi media sing the same tune that is set by her office. The constitution has been altered making it illegal to criticize her and/or her family members and has put on restrictions what people can say and do. If you detract from these rules you either disappear or face unmentionable consequences and thus it is hardly a surprise that most people keep quiet and learned to live with these restrictions.

Hasina has also been successful in creating a well-trained student cadre the Student league of gun toting and motor cycle riding activists who behave more like hoodlums. Many of them were believed to have been trained by professionals in the neighboring country. You will see them in camouflage doing miscreant activities when the opposition politicians come down to protest. They blend in with the opposition rallies and burn cars, buses and temples and later put the blame on BNP or other parties. Obviously they work “hands in hand” with the gun toting and dangerously partisan police and RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) who in recent times has been implicated in serious murders and yet they enjoy the shelter of the government. Adding to the trouble is numerous other murders and disappearances that has become a routine matter.

Sheikh Hasina and her Awami League have been successful in making Bangladesh a “one party” conglomerate in which looting banks, theft of the stock market and award of billions of dollars’ worth of contracts to Awami-inclined private firms have become orders of the day. Government looks the other way or much worse, takes a cut when these firms literally steal money and siphon off to foreign countries. Power and money and the unflinching and brazen backing of the neighboring giant now form the bedrock of her success.

Hasina has also succeeded in totally politicizing the civil service – she has placed Awamis in the Civil Service, Military and created a personal Police and Special security forces to protect her and her family. With opposition completely thumped down there is reason to believe that the country is going backwards to the BAKSAL days.

Sheikh Hasina always talks about unity and working together with the opposition. I wish she had an honest Advisor to tell her that she has divided the nation to such an alarming state that, any future head of the nation will have a daunting task of managing the machinery to steer the country fair and steady.

The Bangladesh Chronicle


  1. Very well written summary of the Awami administration over the past six years in office. The country is now shrouded in darkness. The exit from it is very difficult except with the help of a strong source of light. Who will be the bearer of that light? Oh my beloved country: Guide me to the end of the dark tunnel, I will give you my allegiance!

  2. Madam Hasina, you now qualify with distinction to enter and thus are waiting to receive you with open arms at our Hall of Shame!
    Mugabe, Zimbabwe
    Kabila, Congo
    Karimov, Ujbekisthan
    Netanyahu, Israel

  3. I would like to nominate her right by the side with President Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Like him Hasina acquired her right from her father in the Republic of Bangladesh which is about to become a Bantunistan or the tribe of the Bantus. Awamis are a tribe. They wear the same dress, think alike. Their younger brothers learn how to kill right from their youth. They also learned how to blame others for the killings they do. Remember Bishawjit lynching and killing? Initially Sheikh Hasina and her cadre blamed BNP. She was unable to label Shagor Runi killing to BNP. Because the entire nation knows it was done to stop a story about Hasina-Summit affair. How could she let go her biggest financier. He is getting all the contracts without bids. She is tied up with these rich folks that finance her and her family. Her people are expert on disappearances too. Disappearances do not have the burden of outright killing. Killing and disappearances have become her hallmarks.

  4. I would like to nominate her no. 12 and racing upwards to become no. 6. Once she reaches no. 1, she would be so happy that she would show her middle finger at the Nobel committee for not nominating her instead of Yunus.

  5. Hasina wanted the Nobel prize so badly. She wanted to be a part of the Bangladesh history. Well; she will remain in the history. Along with the scums of the history like Mugabe, Kabila, Kim Jong IL, Hun Sen, laughing cow Hosni Mobarak, Saddam Hossain. Someone should create her bust and place it in the newly formed “hall of shame”. As someone mentioned she is now 12th and heading towards 6th and soon may even become number one when she can show her middle finger to the Nobel committee with disdain.


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