Shahina comes out dead


Rescuers on Monday brought out the body of Shahina Aktar from the debris of multi-storey commercial building Rana Plaza at Savar, several hours after the rescuers started to save her alive.

Fire Service and Civil Defence Director (Operation) Mahbubur Rahman said her body was retrieved around 4:15pm.

The rescuers had tried from noon to 10:15pm on Sunday to save Shahina, a garments worker from Kushtia, alive from under the wreckage.

But as they reached her, rags in the rubbles caught fire from the sparks when a steel rod was being cut. The rescuers had to fall back.

While running out from the debris, one of the fire-fighters was crying as he told reporters: “We’ve failed to save her.”

There was a wound mark on Shahina’s forehead and she did not die of fire, Rahman said.

Her body was taken to Adhar Chandra High School ground.

The fire erupted around 10pm in one of the tunnels drilled through the debris of the nine-storey building which collapsed in the morning of Apr 24. But fire-fighters took less than 20 minutes to tame the flames.

After rescuers’ attempt to save Shahina failed, use of heavy machinery began on Sunday night to dig through the wreckage.

Rahman said Shahina told the rescuers that her native home is in Kushtia. She also had a child.

Asked whether there is any chance to find any more people alive, he answered in the negative. “There is no possibility to find anyone alive. If there is, it will be an exception.”

Source: Bd news24


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