SAARC Film Festival in Colombo


The 2015 SAARC Film Festival will be held in Colombo, capital city of Sri Lanka over a period of 6 days from the 26th – 31st of May 2015.
The Festival, which will also include a workshop with well-known film directors, has over the last four years gained momentum for promoting some of the best films from the SAARC Region.
The SAARC Cultural Centre, in keeping with its mandate of promoting culture in the region through different modes of art, will once again showcase films from the region as cultural expressions at the forthcoming SAARC Film Festival.
The aim of this SAARC Film Festival is to promote culture and embrace unity amidst diversity of culture that is shared among the SAARC Member States. The SAARC Film Festival will also aim to provide a platform for exchange of ideas and shared points of view from film directors from the Region.
There will be two film categories at the SAARC Film Festival this year – Feature and Short Films, which are open for official nominations.
All Member States are required to nominate two Feature Films, as well as two Short Films for submission to the SAARC Film Festival 2015.
A reputed panel of adjudicators selects the best films, and awards are given as incentive to continue producing good films for the region.
This year, the SAARC Cultural Centre will also have an open category for Short Films, from the SAARC Countries, which will be screened on the 29th /30th of May at the same venue. This is organized with the aim of promoting the making of short films in the region. The theme is restricted to “Unity within Diversity” and the organizers reserve the right to select suitable Short Films to be screened on the given dates. An award of recognition will be given to the Best Short Film with a strong message in keeping with the Theme.

Source: Weekly Holiday