Questions need to be answered


Unfortunately, the authorities continue to fail to provide clarity to the tragic events of July 1 at Gulshan’s Holey Artisan Bakery.

Official statements have so far shed little light on what actually happened that night and morning. The facts provided by the authorities remain incomplete or ever-changing, and in crucial aspects have been shown to be incorrect.

As a result, many questions still remain that are yet to be answered or need clarification, and the public still does not have clear understanding of what transpired that fateful night.

This is unacceptable.

At a time like this, transparency is of the utmost importance. As the entire nation grieves, we all have a right and a need to know what happened and to feel confident that we are being told the truth.

Not only that, but the credibility of law enforcement and indeed public confidence in the authorities is what is at stake.

The country is already shaken to its core by the shock of the tragedy. The last thing we need is to have this trauma compounded by even further loss of confidence occasioned by willful or careless misrepresentation by the concerned authorities.

We understand that, for the good of the investigation, not all information can be shared with the public or the media, but this should not be used as a cover for gratuitous lack of transparency.

Even less acceptable is the active dissemination of misinformation that can only serve to confuse matters, or worse, to shatter public trust.

Refusing to clarify straightforward queries or provide basic information, instructing witnesses to keep quiet, making claims that are clearly refuted by the facts, all of this only serves to diminish the credibility of the probe and contribute to increasing public disquiet and discontent.

The official numbers remain confusing and do not all add up.

One man has already died in custody. Questions remain as to why another of the deceased has been accused of being a terrorist, and the circumstances of his death.

Two others, who had been hostages during the attack, have also been detained. The public has yet to be informed as to why they are being held, under what suspicion, and if their civil rights are being accounted for.

At a time of national tragedy like this, this kind of opaqueness is profoundly unhelpful and dispiriting.

What the nation needs right now is to come together and to heal.

At such a time, nothing is more important than full public confidence

Source: Dhaka Tribune


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