PRESIDENT, PM, MINISTERS Bangladesh likely to double salaries

Following the recent pay hike for government employees, salaries of the president, prime minister, ministers and lawmakers are also likely to almost double.

A proposal also to raise the monthly pay of the Supreme Court judges and other constitutional post holders are likely to be placed in the next cabinet meeting on Monday, a finance ministry official told The Daily Star yesterday.

The salary of the president may be fixed at Tk 1,19,900 from the current TK 61,200. The PM gets Tk 58,600 a month now. It may become Tk 1,14,800.

At present, a minister draws a monthly salary of Tk 53,100. Following the hike, it is likely to become Tk 1,05,000.

Besides, the remuneration of a lawmaker may jump to Tk 55,000 from the current Tk 27,500, added the ministry official.

Apart from their salaries, the high-ups of the country enjoy other benefits as well.

On September 7, the cabinet approved a proposal for hiking the pay of around 14 lakh government employees. The raise ranged from 95 to 101 percent.

The highest post holders in the civil administration are the cabinet secretary and the principal secretary to the PM.

The fixed salary for the two posts is Tk 86,000, up from Tk 45,000. The remunerations for the senior secretaries have become Tk 82,000 from Tk 42,000.

The new pay scale came into effect in July. The government employees will be able to draw the hiked salaries after the finance division issues a circular in this regard.

The finance ministry official said the circular may come by the first week of the next month.

If that happens, the government staff would be able to draw the hiked salary — for the month of November — in December, he said.

The public servants will also receive four months’ arrear with the November salary, he added.

Source: The Daily Star


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