Prepare for all-out resistance against govt: Khoka to BNP men


Dhaka city BNP convener Sadeque Hossain Khoka on Friday asked the party leaders and activists to take all-out preparations to create a mass resistance against the current regime to protect democracy and people’s voting right.

“A united mass resistance will be created against the Awami League-led regime to protect democracy and people’s voting right. We’ll have to firmly take to the streets. So, take all-out preparations for a decisive movement,” he said.

Khoka was addressing a joint meeting of Dhaka city BNP at Bhasani Bhaban in the city’s Nayapaltan area.

He said the nation has plunged into a suffocating situation thanks to the misrule, repression and corruption by the government. “The government and the ruling party men have turned the country into a ‘bottomless basket’ by indulging in widespread corruption and plundering.”

Mentioning that people’s backs are now pushed to the wall due to the government’s autocratic behaviour, the ex-Dhaka city mayor claimed that people do not want to see this government in power any more.

He alleged that the government has politicised the police administration by appointing people from Gopalganj district in different thanas and districts to hold a lopsided polls. “No election will be allowed to be held under the current administration.”

Justifying the opposition’s demand for arranging the next polls under a non-party government, Khoka said, “We aren’t saying to make our netri (leader Khaleda) or any one from our party chief of the caretaker government. The caretaker government chief will have to be made someone impartial under whom a free and fair election will be held and we all can participate in it.”

He also said they are pressing for a non-party caretaker government to oversee the next polls so that people can freely exercise their franchise. “We’ll accept whom people elect through such a fair election.”

Khoka, also a BNP vice-chairman, asked the party leaders and activists to remain vigilant to thwart the government’s any evil design and conspiracy to annihilate democracy.

He also warned that the government will be held responsible if any anarchic situation is created in the country due to its obstinacy.

Source: UNB Connect


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