Petrol pump owners threaten strike from Jan 20

Petrol pump owners and tank-lorry workers will call an indefinite strike from January 20 if their nine-point demand, including a hike in commission on sales of fuel, is not met by this time.

Around 9,000 petrol pumps will remain close across the country if the owners go for the strike, said Nazmul Haq, convener of Bangladesh Petrol Pump Owners and Tank-Lorry Owners-Workers Unity Council.

He announced the programme at a press conference at a city hotel on Sunday.

If the government does not fulfill the demands by January 19, the owners will stop fuel lifting, selling and transportation from 6:00am on the following day, the convener said.

They demanded 3.4 percent hike in commission on sale of diesel and 4 percent on sale of petrol and octane.

The owners are now getting 2.45 percent commission on sale of diesel and 3.27 percent on petrol while 3.30 percent on octane sale at present.

The other demands include rise in tank-lorry fare and action against adulteration of fuel.

Source: The Daily Star


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