Obama asked to protect Hindus in Bangladesh

News - Obama asked to protect Hindus in Bangladesh

 Protesting against the rise in violence against minorities in Bangladesh, Hindus of Bangladeshi-origin have gathered outside the White House here, asking US President Barack Obama to protect them and enlist radical Jamat-e-Islami as a foreign terrorist group.

Raising slogans like “We do not want Talibanisation of Bangladesh” and “Save Hindus”, Bangladeshi American Hindus in a memorandum asked Obama to save the religious minorities of Bangladesh and enlist ‘Jamat-e-Islami, Bangladesh’ as a foreign terrorist organisation.

“We are urging everyone to be united in outrage and by humanity and do all you can to save the endangered minorities of Bangladesh,” the memorandum said as the protestors demanded enactment of hate crime laws by the Bangladeshi Government.

They also demanded establishment of a monitoring cell with prosecutorial authority to monitor, prevent, and prosecute all communal incidents; and creation of a minority welfare ministry with authority to create a special police force drawn from the minority populace, reports PTI from Washington.

The peaceful protest rally was organised by the supported Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, with support from various other organisations like Hindu American Foundation and the Indian American Intellectual Forum.

“Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, USA is calling upon the civilized world to come to the protection of these innocent and peaceful people who have committed no other wrongs than belonging to faiths other than what the terrorists would choose for them. They can count on no one and go nowhere,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, another organisation – American United for Human Rights – announced to hold a mass rally of American Muslims in New York on Saturday to demand establishment of independent war crimes tribunal that meets the standards of international law.

Source: UNB Connect


  1. So Hindus of Bangladesh think Obama can ‘save the Hindus’. What could Obama do to stop the killings of Muslims in Gujarat? Nothing. The problems of Hindus in Bangladesh is that they still consider Hindu India as there ‘real home’ and place of safety, the reason Pakistanis never trusted them during East Pakistan time. It’s time they should decide where they belong – and their safety lies there. Obama already has his bloody hands full.

    • Mr. Adams:
      Even though I am addressing you as such, this is not your true name. You love hiding. Mr. Hossain’s commnet holds very true. Where is Mr. Obama when Muslims in Burma gets torched, burned, dumped into ocean and then deny them citizenship? When Muslims get hurt, no one shows mercy.

    • Mr. Adams

      They will not go to Saudi Arabia, but get their funding of petrodollars. Their aim is to throw all decent societies back into the stone age where they can happily chop off heads, stone women for adultery, whip them in the streets, close down girls schools or destroy them like they did to Malala, challenge decent citizens for proof of marriage while they keep multiple harems at home, torture religious minorities on charges of blasphemy, shut up people on false charges or torture them, plot to destroy all religions and ban their practice like they do in Saudi Arabia.

      People of this mentality has turned Pakistan into the ” Most dangerous place on earth’ as the TIME magazine noted. While this gentleman here pontificates on why Pakistan never trusted Hindus, his ilk go on decimating Hazara Shias in Pakistan. This is an egregious display of stereotyping minorities and justifying brutalities on them. This person clearly has no qualms about Pakistan’s savage army committed a GENOCIDE killing 3 million Bengalis and the rape of nearly 200,000 of its women.

      They demonize Hindus for their real home in India so they can take whatever remains of their property by racist illegal means like ‘Enemy Property act’. This is the mentality that has created monsters like the Pakistani would be bomber Feisal Shezad. This is the kind of mentality that is turning the most moderate nation of Bangladesh towards the dangerous path of Talibanization where we now find would be bombers like Rizwan. This is Nazism with divine sanction.

      President Obama needs to address the growing presence of this dangerous ideology in the subcontinent. As we speak more than 400 Hindu temples lie broken in recent attacks by Jamati Islami radicals in Bangladesh. Earlier, great landmarks in Bangladesh like Ramna Temple, and hundreds of others destroyed by Pakistan army with collaborator Rajakars, were never rebuilt.

      • Deepak

        You hate Bangladesh so much. You just done say so. You hate Muslims. I have never shown any hate for Hindus or minorities. You will never agree to anything until entire Bnagladesh is consumed by India through agents like Sheikh Hasina and her team.

  2. I am really amused at the notion of some people that Obama can ‘save the Hindus’,when the same Obama is now being accused of killing innocent men, women and children around the world with his drones. To Deepak and his kind I guess it’s OK – those killed are not Hindus.

    • No. Obama cannot ‘save Hindus’. How can he, when he cannot save Christians in Egypt or their grand churches, or in Nigeria by Boko Harem Islamic radicals, or beheading of Philipino Catholics by Abu Sayef and his Islamists?? or the regular massacres of Hazara Shias, Ahmedias, or abduction of Hindu girls in Pakistan?? Obama cannot. Terror is already out of control. The Only people who can save Bangladesh Hindus and Bangladesh itself are the Youth of Bangladesh who took a stand against violent radical fundamentalism, against Jamat and the war criminals who have blood in their hands. Only an awakened conscience is needed.

  3. And I pity you Sadaruddin sahib when you say Pakistan did not trust Hindus – which in some depraved manner, it seems justifies their killing. Shame on you for glorifying tyrant Pakistani regimes which killed 3 million Bengalis and raped 200,000 women, and never apologized.

    Maybe, the same trust factor can be applied to your community when they racially profile them in the west, freezing bank accounts of mosques and organizations, frisking people at airports or looking at them naked behind TV screens looking for bombs, because the name happens to be a “My Name is Khan’. Maybe your ilk cannot be trusted even with a Harvard degree like that of Afia Siddiqui. Maybe, the same trust question can be applied to the Myanmar massacres, or when Coptic Christians and Muslim radicals fight it out in Cairo, or when they go about rioting in Nigeria.

    Shahadat sahib look at your hateful posts. You want All Hindus gone from what you say is ‘My country’. The last time I checked Bangladesh was not owned by your family like in Saudi Arabia. Yes, Rajakars did become ministers and kicked most Hindus out. Bangladesh is now down to 10% Hindus. Who gives you the right to send Hindus to India?? What is Bangladesh without Hindus?? Hindus did not produce killers like Razakars, or al Badars, or Al Shams. Hindus did not produce would be terrorists like Rizwan who brought disrepute Bangladesh. You probably live in an occupied Hindu property. Remember, the sins of the fathers are visited upon their children. Next time you go to Ramna racecourse maidan, remember the humiliation of the surrendering Pakistan army. They paid for the sins in the very temple premises of Ramna Kali bari, the temple they broke.

  4. Deepak Dada, you obviously sound very aggrieved and said a lot of unrelated things and you have the right to do so. At the same time you have really failed to convince me that Obama can ‘save the Hindus’. Even if he could, he is not going to do it for free, you know. So, what have the Hindus of Bangladesh got to offer him in return? Oil, gas, mineral resources ? Safety and freedom is not free, right?
    Give me one reason why Obama should even care about some aggrived Hindus in a far away country. Freedom? Justice? Democracy? Human rights? Don’t the Hindus of Bangladesh know that these words have long disappeared from America’s dictioneries? Everyone now knows why Bush went into Iraq and the Shias and the Kurds didn’t even ask him to save them from the cruelty of Saddam. It was OIL.
    Getting to your specific grievances, understanding that you are no lover of Muslims of Bangladesh, it was the Bangladesh Parliament dominated by 99.9% Muslims that amended the constitution and repealed the ‘Enemy Property Act’ so that their Hindu ‘brothers’could get back the ownership of their properties. Indeed they are now rushing back to Bangladesh from their ‘safe haven’ to claim their properties including those who had actually sold their properties before they left thus creating a lot of confusion. Anyway, don’t worry. As long as Hasina Didi is in power it will all be taken care of to fullest satisfaction of her Hindu brothers. She knows very well what is good for her.
    As for ‘What is Bangladesh without Hindus?’, I have to actually wait for that day to be sure. Hope that day will not take long in coming. True, Hindus of Bangladesh may not have created any Razakaar but then they did not create Bangladesh either.
    Anyway, my advice to the Hindus of Bangladesh will be to try Manmohan Singh to save them instead of Obama. They probably stand a better chance that way.In any case, if this is any consolation, let me assure them that no great harm can ever touch them. Indian tanks will surely be rolling on the streets of Dhaka long before that.Trust me.

    • No, you are not a bit trust worthy, you have so much hatred for your fellow human being! Bangalees of Bangladesh can solve their own problem. We don’t need Obama nor Monmohon Singh. All we need is free of people who hate others!

  5. ‘Adams’ lets stay on track. We are talking about ‘Hindus of Bangladesh’ crying out to Obama to save them. If Bengalees of Bangladesh can solve their own problems, and I believe they can, then who are these crying out for help from outside? These are those who have no faith in inside and have always relied from outside to solve their problems including their safety. We are talking about ‘Hindus of Bangladesh’.

    I don’t understand how you see hatred in me for my fellow human beings. But then that is your opinion to which you are entitled. All I have tried to do was to highlight the pros and cons of seeking Obama’s help – it’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be expensive and he is not going to do it for free – and that he may not agree to do it after all. I have also suggested a cheaper and perhaps easier alternative in Manmohan Singh. Finally, I have assured them of their total safety in the arrival of Indian tanks in time. So, I was only trying to help and reassure them and there isn’t an iota of hatred in it. I would like to ask you to believe me, but then you are probably not going to believe me anyway. The reason I suspect is that you are probably one of them.

    Yes, given the chance, Bengalees of Bangladesh can solve their problems. They liberated their motherland from the tyrant Pakistanis. And we are not talking about them. We are talking about those who ran away to safety in their safe haven in 1971 only to return subsequently in free Bangladesh to claim their land. Let’s not mix them with the ‘Bengalees of Bangladesh’.

    • Ok, if you wanna be on track, why not you ask your “Madam” who happens to be a great columnist in recent weeks! If you can’t find any answer, “Hasina Didi” would be your final destiny. By the way, you wanted to know my identity, I am a proud Muslim and practice a religion call Islam, which seems way different than yours.

  6. Shuvo nabo borsho Sadaruddin sahib. Thought will skip this one but getting pulled back. I think your choice of a referee – Pakistanis not trusting Hindus during E. Pakistan, sucked big time and hence the response from this gentleman. It allowed insight into your Paki loving mind, and your scorn for Hindus. The idol worshipping Hindu is not too lovable anyways!

    Coming back to your questions to me. I had made it clear Obama cannot save Hindus or anyone, so there is no need to convince you – Oil or no Oil. Nigeria has plenty oil, and Obama’s coreligionists get massacred pretty regularly by Jihadists. Jihadist violence is pretty world wide now, how many places Obama or anyone can go??? This is why I said, only Bangladeshi youth with an awakened non-bigoted conscience can ensure all faiths can survive in this beautiful land of ours. Getting wiped out like in Pakistan is not an option.

    Ref: Repeal of Enemy Property Act, you showed another insensitive side to your mind – I don’t necessarily interpret it as hate though. It’s wayyyyy past repealing as we are already into the 2-3rd generation. The damage has been caused and irreversible. All I can tell you is the Pakistan government schemed up a brilliant Act to kick Hindus out through this Nazi law. Most of old Dhaka as well as vast tracts of Hindu villages from Bashabo through Savar are Hindu property taken without compensation and by force or ingenuous accusations. This has not even spared Debottor (equivalent of Waqf) property. The same can be said of other districts from Chittagong to Khulna. The program served Pakistani generals very well in West Pak where Hindus left en masse from Sind, Punjab and even the Frontier, but there were too many Bengali Hindus in E Pakistan to completely wipe them out. Pakistan now is less than 2% Hindus but Bangladesh unfortunately is stuck with these malawoons, like it or not. The Genocide of 1971 offered a great opportunity and we know it from the record books that Gen. Niazi gave out orders to kill all Hindus, among others. So, are you going to return those posh areas in Dhaka lapped up by Paki serving bureaucrats for peanuts and now the prices gone through the roof?? forget it.

    As for ‘what is Bangladesh without Hindus?” sorry for the arrogance. Yes, the contribution of Hindus to Bangladesh is immense. From the Bose-Einstein theory or the forerunner of Higgs-Bosun coming out of the Dhaka Univ Lab of Dr. Satyen Bose or Dr. J.C. Bose to the magical lyrics of Jibananada Das, or the Economics of Amartya Sen, is not bad accomplishment at all.
    The corpses of great philanthropists like RP Saha, Jogesh Ghosh, Notun Kundu were littered in dustbins, by Pak army and Rajakars. Yes, the same Rajakars who became ministers, and today you have the temerity to say Hindus had no contribution in the liberation of Bangladesh!!

    Contrast the replacement of Hindu teachers we had from the hallowed institutions from MC College, BM College etc. with the fundamentalist schools like Manarat or Hizbollah academy, or the dangerous madrassas where they produce the artery clipping, head chopping violence of Shibir. Just check out the current rating of Dhaka University at your leisure. On another note, look at Pakistan which has quite successfully wiped out Hindu civilization from the place of it’s birth, with less than 2% Hindus/minorities, they kill each other every day. Without the pluralism of ideas coming from original sons of the soil the Bengali Hindus, Bangladesh will surely go the way of Pakistan, minority couples are already being challenged for proof of marriage, soon the Malalas maybe barred from going to school. Mullahs will be debating the length of beard, or the pajama, and it will probably be an encore of what we see in Pakistan today.

  7. unnecessarily india declared war against pakistan in 1971….and remember that every muslim in the world might be a converted christian or converted hindu bcz that damn religion was arrived in400ad ……all the muslims in india,pakistan,bangladesh,afghanistan ………world are converted once upon time if we think about muslims in india no muslim will be left in india remember


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