Obaidul wants roads repaired before Eid

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Communications Minister Obaidul Quader has directed Wasa and both the city corporations of Dhaka to repair the roads that have been hampered for the development works.

He gave the direction in a meeting held at the secretariat on Tuesday afternoon.

He said: “No new roads would be dug and the hampered roads in Dhaka including other places have to be repaired before the Eid in order to tackle traffic congestion and chaos on the roads and highways.”

He directed them to repair the roads under Mayor Hanif and Moghbazar flyovers.

The minister ordered Roads and Highway Division to halt the ongoing works for seven days before and three days after Eid on Dhaka Chittagong, Joydebpur-Mymensingh and Dhaka-Tangail roads.

Obaidul said: “The unfit vehicles will not be allowed to ply on the roads during the Eid. So, these vehicles have to be repaired before Eid in order to ply on the roads.”

He also ordered police to maintain order in the entry points of the capital including Gabtoli.

He said a meeting will be held on July 11 regarding the transport during Eid and in order to get follow up on decisions take in Tuesday meeting.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


  1. Roads & highways that should endure at least for 5/6 years get full of potholes and ditches in less than a year demanding urgent repair. Would the Minister please tell us whose money does he spend? Is the public fund only to maintain his party men and lackeys?

  2. Same old story, every year, before Eid. Fix roads, get more water transporters, get more trains. Same old crap. Sounds like a “broken record”.
    I would like to join Safi and ask the Minister, whose money is it that he is asking to spend? A very valid question. Top of that where has he been throughout the year? Comes out of the blues and starts giving orders, which will have no results. That’s how it has been happening.
    If these roads are fixed the right way, they don’t need to be “touched” or “fixed” every year.
    This is simply ridiculous. Big mouth Obaidul Kabir. Full of “hot air”, just like everybody else.


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