Multimedia classroom replacing traditional system

The digital contents in the multimedia classroom seem to have emerged as a tool for the students to come out of memorising knowledge ending a more-than-a-century-old traditional teacher centred learning system, reports BSS.

Under the newly introduced students’ participatory system to teach students using the digital contents, the students have been preparing their home task in the classroom after visualising, listening and holding discussion on the topic with other students at the multimedia classroom set up in some of the schools and colleges across the country.

While visiting the multimedia classrooms of capital’s Agrani School and College last week it was found that nearly 50 students of class eleven looked curious in a Zoology class as they awaited lesson through a visual projection of their topic – ‘excretory system of human body’.

Zoology teacher Gazi Salahuddin entered the classroom at 10 am to take his class on the said topic. He put his finger on the keyboard of a laptop to display visual pictures on the screen of the electronic projector in support of his lecture on the topic.

As the visual pictures of a car and clean city appears on the screen during display of the digital contents teacher Salahuddin wanted to know from the students about pictures.

Some students described that during movement the car emanated black smoke created from the garbage of engine fuel. As the picture of clean city tells about the function of a system of City Corporation, the students said the city corporation cleaned the city removing garbage. Like that of the car and the city corporation, the human body has a system named the excretory system which emanates garbage from human body, the students answered.

President of governing body of the school Nazrul Islam Khan who is also National Project Director of Support to Digital Bangladesh said, it’s an exceptional experience for the students as learning from digital contents stimulates their enjoyment of learning and that engages them in ways that encourage and feed their thirst for knowledge.

Source: The Financial Express


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