Movement can never be stopped by court order: BNP


Bangladesh Nationalist Party on Monday said democratic movement can never be stopped through court order, following the High Court order on Sunday asking the government to prevent the ‘unconstitutional deadly blockade’ and violent hartals.
Through a press statement, BNP joint secretary general Salah Uddin Ahmed, who is now acting as the party’s spokesman, made the remarks.
He said the government has turned the judiciary into a weapon to suppress the opposition and differing opinions.
He said all state organs are now captive in the hands of the executive department and the desire of one person is being reflected in the judiciary, legislative and executive departments. As a result, the judiciary has become the final victim of state anarchy, he added.
Salah Uddin said Awami League has ultimately admitted to its ‘political bankruptcy’ through the ‘illegal’ government using the court as a last attempt to suppress the rightful movement for restoration of democracy.
He said politicisation and the law to impeach judges were the key reason for anarchy taking grip of the judiciary.
The BNP leader said parliament is now a place of gossip for inconsequential parliament members.
He criticised the Prime Minister for making indecent remarks in parliament against BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia and cautioned the PM against cruel excesses such as stopping supply of food and water into Khaleda’s office.
He said the PM has to take responsibility for giving orders of state terrorism, extrajudicial killing, enforced disappearance, killing, abduction, attacks, filing cases and mass arrest.
He warned that the autocratic rulers would float away like straw soon, in the tsunami of mass movement.
Salah Uddin said the government is now demonstrating its existence only on television through controlling the media.
He urged the ruling party leaders and ministers to read the pulse of people and face the consequences, going to the street and visiting their constituencies without police protection.
He reiterated that the current ‘peaceful’ blockade and hartal would continue until fulfillment of their demands including holding fair elections under a non-party government.

Source: New Age


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