Mokabbir joins Gonoforum council

Mokabbir joins Gonoforum council

Mokabbir joins Gonoforum council

UNB . Dhaka | Prothom Alo Apr 26, 2019

Though he took oath as a member of parliament violating his party decision, Gonoforum presidium member Mokabbir Khan joined its fifth national council on Friday.

The council began at Mohanagar Natya Mancha in the morning with party president Kamal Hossain in the chair.

However, Gonoforum general secretary Mostafa Mohsin Montu did not participate in the council due to his misunderstanding with Kamal over some party issues, including Mokabbir’s oath taking.

“I didn’t join the council in protest against some party matters. Our party leaders and activists are seriously unhappy over some party leaders’ role regarding Mokabbir Issue,” Montu told UNB.

He said a political party cannot allow anyone of its leaders to indulge in unethical act. “It’s a deception with the nation. I’ve boycotted the council as part of my protest against it.”

Mokabbir, who was elected MP from Sylhet-2 seat with Gonoforum ticket in the 30-December election, took oath as an MP of the 11th parliament on 2 April going against the party decision.

On 20 April, Gonoforum central committee at a meeting decided to send a show-cause notice to Mokabbir Khan for ‘violating’ its constitution and indulging ‘anti- party’ activities.

Mokabbir joined today’s council and sat on the sage three seats after Kamal, creating resentment among party leaders and activists.

Talking to UNB, party training affairs secretary Rafiqul Islam Pathik said it is painful that Kamal is doing ‘dual politics’ over Mokabbir’s issue. “I came out of the council and boycotted it in protest against Mokabbir’s presence at the council.”

He said many of their party leaders and activists got angry seeing Mokabbir on the stage.

Gonoforum organising secretary Mostak Ahmed said their party served Mokabbir a show-cause notice, but still did not take any action against him as he did not reply to it.

However, party central executive committee member Afsary Ameen Ahmed said as a party presidium member Mokbbir can join the council. “A vested quarter in the party has taken a stance against Mokabbir out of jealousy.”

Kamal together with party senior leaders inaugurated the council by hoisting the national and Gonoforum flags around 10:00am.

Several hundred party delegates from across the country joined the event.

The council will end in the evening with the concluding speech of Kamal.

The last council of Gonoforum was held on 10 December, 2011.


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