Missing baby handed over to parents

The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) traced the baby to Gazipur on Thursday after it was stolen from the Dhaka Medical College and Hospital on Aug 21.

On Aug 20, Runa Akter gave birth to twin babies. One of the baby boys went missing the next day from the hospital.

After a week of the theft, RAB managed to find the baby in the possession of one Belly Aktar, alias Rahima, 45, at Gazipur’s Boardbazar Upazila around 3am Thursday.

A midwife named Rasheda Khanam Parvin, 48, stole the baby and gave it to Rahima in exchange of Tk 40,000, according to RAB.

Both Rahima and Parvin have been arrested over the incident.

RAB handed over the baby to its parents at a media briefing at its headquarters on Thursday.

The cheerful father, Kawser Hossain heaped credit on the media.

“If the media had not reported it, my child would not have been rescued. I thank the government and the administration. They managed to rescue my son as the incident was reported in the media.

“So, I will raise my two sons in a way that they can become journalists,” said Hossain, drawing applause from RAB personnel and journalists.

After someone mentioned that it was the RAB who rescued the baby, the father said: “I have thought raising both of the sons to be journalist. But if you insist then one will be a RAB member when he grows up, the other a journalist.”

Source: Bd news24


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