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Minority community demands resignation of foreign minister

Speaking at the protest rally, president of the Hindu Bouddha Christian Oikya Parishad, Ushatan Talukdar, said that teachers are being garlanded with shoes in this country now, that too in the presence of the administration. The government thinks it doesn’t need the votes of the minority community. But to establish Sonar Bangla, it is essential to establish the rights of all people, the rule of law and justice. If the minority community is to survive, they must force the government to take action regarding these incidents.

Another president of Bangladesh Hindu Bouddha Christian Oikya Parishad, Nimchandra Bhowmik, said, “We do not have the Bangladesh for which the liberation war was fought, for which the nation state was formed. There is militancy, terrorism, and a Pakistan-style undemocratic system in the country. A teacher was humiliated in Narail, another teacher was beaten to death. No one wants such a Bangladesh. Everyone must come forward and protest against the attacks on the minority community in different places of the country.”

Nirmal Rozario went on to say, the government has been successful in bringing terrorism under control. The government must take up a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for the security of the minority community. One incident after the other is taking place as justice is not carried out.

Referring to the foreign minister, Nirmal Rozario said, “He has exposed his ignorance about Bangladesh.” He called on him to make responsible remarks and not harm the harmony of the country. “Irresponsible remarks will destroy the harmony,” he said.

Another leader of the council, Subrata Chowdhury, said that there were innumerable incidents all over the country of teachers being mistreated. Textbooks were changed at the behest of Hefazat leaders. Humanity, values are being destroyed in the country.

“Even 50 years after independence we are having to say regretfully, no one wants this Bangladesh.”

Following the rally, a procession was taken along Tophkana Road and other roads. Earlier at the demonstration, a protest rally was declared for 3:00pm on 16 July.

Also speaking at the rally were Hindu Boudhha Christian Oikya Parishad joint general secretaries Manindra Kumar Nath, Jayanta Kumar Deb and others.

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